August 2020 Meeting

August 2020 Meeting

Our chapter met for our monthly chapter meeting for the month of August. The theme of the meeting was inspiration.

After a round of introductions and readng the opening words, I read out some announcements:

Next we went into our topic which was Inspiration.

  • I shared my experience with Mel Hoffman - one of the first PWS I met at a chapter meeting. Originally I thought he didnt stutter and was shocked to learn he had a severe stutter at a young age. Inpired me to live my life even with stuttering.
  • A sports anchor who was a PWS
  • Dr.McGuire talking at the NSA Annual Conference - someone who is high up not letting stuttering get in his way.
  • StutterTalk - First time one of the members heard someone stutter willingly and openly.
  • Lang Stuttering Institute

Next we moved to general sharing, topics that came up

We finished of with the closing words.

Hope to see everyone again soon!