November 2017 Meeting

November 2017 Meeting

I’m reaching out to share about our November chapter meeting, and to also announce our Holiday party, which will be held on the evening of Saturday, December 16th at 7pm at Joy Chandler’s house in northwest austin. I will send a separate e-mail with her address and details. If you haven’t come to a chapter meeting or chat and chew for a while, this will be a great opportunity to catch up with folks in our chapter and reconnect. I hope you will consider joining us!

Our chapter met last week for our monthly chapter meeting for the month of November. 9 member attended, including 3 first-timers! (a person who stutters and 2 supporters).

2 members of our chapter had participated in a panel offered by the Lang Stuttering Institute’s student leadership organization, and shared about their experiences with us at the meeting. Both described enjoying the experience of sharing their journeys with stuttering at the panel and having enjoyed the open format of the panel. I was excited to hear about this because I think it’s great any time our chapter can partner with the Lang Institute to do any kind of advocacy or educational work around stuttering. I will keep you all posted on future opportunities as they come up!

This month our discussion topic was about stuttering and the holidays. We discussed this some, but having a new member in the group led us to discuss our journeys with stuttering and involvement with the NSA in general, and a lively discussion unfolded that covered a lot of ground. It is always special for me to see our veteran group members welcome in a new member and help them feel comfortable and validated, which is what I saw unfold that night.

We will not meet for a formal chapter meeting in December due to holidays plans, so our next formal chapter meeting will be Januray 23. Our holiday party was a blast last year, and I hope to see many of you there this year. Watch for another e-mail in the next few days with further details and RSVP info.

Thanks and I hope to see you soon,