July 2017 Meeting

July 2017 Meeting

Last Tuesday, July 25, our chapter met for our formal monthly chapter meeting at the Lang Stuttering Institute. 7 members attended, including 6 people who stutter (PWS) and 1 SLP.

We spent some time introducing ourselves in turn and sharing about what we’ve been up to over the summer. Next we moved on to our discussion topic for the month, acceptance. A great discussion unfolded from here. Some themes that emerged were:

  • acceptance is a process, and often an on-going process
  • acceptance for many is the core of positive change related to stuttering
  • acceptance looks different from one PWS to the next

We also read a passage about acceptance written by Lee Reeves, PWS, long-time NSA organizer and supporter, and keynote speaker at this year’s NSA conference. I’ve included his passage with this e-mail-thanks for passing that along Lee!

This topic led to many of us sharing details of our personal path of acceptance of stuttering and about how that has changed over the course of our lives. When we concluded it felt like there was still lots to say, and we may have to continue the conversation in another meeting soon!

Our next meeting will be a social event on Sunday, August 13th. I hope you will consider joining us if you’re free! Watch for an e-mail with further details coming soon.