June 2017 Meeting

June 2017 Meeting

Hey Everyone,

June Meeting notes and future event notes below.

Meeting notes

Our chapter met for our monthly chapter meeting on Tuesday June 27th. Nine members attended, including 6 people who stutter, 2 SLPs, and 1 girlfriend.

After reading the welcoming words, we introduced ourselves in turn. We shared our names, job, hobbies, and July 4th vacation plans.

I shared information about our new website: http://www.westutteraustin.org (Incase that link doesn’t work go directly here: http://www.nsachapters.org/austin/)

Please provide feedback and suggestions!

Next we discussed the NSA conference happening next week! I highly recommend reviewing information here:


We had people who went to the conference share something they got out of it. A common theme was socializing with a variety of people in a low stress environment.

Next we went to sharing.

I shared about how I talked in front of a group of children/teens who stutter at the Lang Stuttering Institute summer camp. One of the kids came up to me afterwards and mentioned that “You stutter a lot!”. I remembering laughing afterwards since my first thought was “duh”. But it also showed that the kid might be comparing severity of stuttering with his peers, which is bad. I talked to the counselor about it after it happened, hopefully she talked to him.

A member mentioned he never stutters in his mother tongue but stutters when speaking English. He also said when people ask him direct questions he never stutters but when he wants to ask someone a question he blocks. We are truly unique in the way we stutter!

Then we played a game called “Loaded Questions” and probably learned a little too much about each other!!

July events

  1. Social event on the evening of Thursday, July 13
  2. Chapter meeting on Tuesday, July 25th 7:00-8:30pm

Watch for separate e-mails with details about both events.