May 2017 Meeting

May 2017 Meeting

Hey everyone,

I’m e-mailing to share my notes from our chapter’s most recent meeting, as well the events for our chapter in June.

Meeting notes

Our chapter met for our monthly chapter meeting last week on Tuesday May 23rd. Seven members attended, including 6 people who stutter and one SLP.

After reading the welcoming words, we introduced ourselves in turn. Next I shared the one announcement that I had to offer: the NSA’s annual conference is in July in Dallas! Several folks from our chapter are going, including myself.

If you are interested in more information about the conference or are wanting to register you can visit

We then moved into our discussion for the month, which centered around viewing stuttering as a journey. Some themes that emerged were:

  • Sometimes things have to get really difficult before they get better
  • Supportive people, including friends, family, SLPs or other helping professionals can be a huge help
  • finding community with other people who stutter has been pivotal for many of us
  • a desire to support others who are struggling with stuttering once we have found support ourselves

This was a great discussion, and I appreciate everyone who contributed to our group!

June events

  1. Social event on the afternoon of Sunday, June 11
  2. Chapter meeting on Tuesday, June 27th 7-8:30pm

Watch for separate e-mails with details about both events.

Thanks and I hope you are all well!