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May 23th -

Monthly Meeting, 7-8:30 p.m

At:  Jesse H. Jones Communication Center, Building B (CMB). Room: CMB 2.116


2504 Whitis Ave, Austin, TX 78705 

If you have any trouble or questions, please call (734) 417-8900 for assistance.

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​Support, self-help and advocacy for people who stutter.​

"The NSA to me is an organization that helps people feel better and a part of society. People who stutter may feel that they have a disability, but the NSA helps them see that it's not a disability. It shows them that they can still do whatever they dream."



Austin, TX- Parent of teenager who stutters

Info on Stuttering

Our doors are open to anyone and everyone who's interested. We welcome children, teens and adults who stutter as well as family members, friends, students, speech and language pathologists and all others.

If you know someone who might be interested, please send them our way!

"While I have wonderful support from friends and family, the NSA gives me an opportunity to share my experiences with people who truly understand. There's no other place in the world where I can speak without the concern of a negative reaction. I can walk into an NSA meeting and introduce myself knowing with 100% certainty that everyone in the room understands."



Austin, TX - Adult who stutters

National Stuttering Association Austin                   Chapter

The National Stuttering Association brings hope and empowerment to children, teens and adults who stutter and serves as an advocate for the stuttering community. The Austin Chapter is made up of adult, teen, and youth chapters which provide safe and supportive environments for people who stutter to speak freely, practice techniques, share experiences and meet others who intimately understand the challenges of stuttering.  

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StutterTalk is a podcast on stuttering. They have published more than 500 weekly podcasts.


If you stutter,

you are not alone